Sugar Lips E-Liquid & Tony B.

Sugar Lips 100ML

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70%VG \ 30%PG

Blue Pucker: Delivers a special recipe of exhilarating blueberry razz slushy with a note of sour for a mouthwatering blend unlike any other. The recipe is from Tony B., the highly respected man behind the Vapor Trail Channel. No worries, there's no brain freeze with this slushy! Sure to become an all-day-vape for many who try it!

Tropical Smile: Tony B has been a picky eater all his life and thought he hated Pineapple with a passion. Well, he tried vaping Pineapple and liked it, so he decided to try eating it. Behold…now he loves it and can’t get enough of it! Tropical Smile is a Pineapple that will keep you smiling all day, dreaming of sitting on a secluded beach, and licking your Sugar Lips

Dirty Grin: Dirty Grin presents a scrumptious berry dessert with a blend of crispy cereal, fluffy marshmallow, & creamy milk!

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