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Variable (3 Setting) 650mah 510 Battery w/ Charger

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Your standard 510 style battery featuring a modified circuit to enable 3 output voltage settings, as well as a preheat function. This unit is extremely easy to operate with only one button. To power on or off, click the button 5 times in rapid succession- the light ring around the button will flash once to indicate the unit is powered on, and will flash once as well upon powering down via the same 5 clicks. Output voltage can easily be changed between your choice of 3.4v, 3.7v & 4.0v by clicking the button 3 times in rapid succession while the unit is powered on. The light ring will flash 3 times, with the color of the currently selected power level- Green=3.4v, Blue=3.7v, and Red=4.0v. You can also quickly check what voltage setting is currently selected, as the light ring will light up with the corresponding color for the voltage levels with a single press of the button, or every time you fire the device. To utilize the preheat function, click the button just twice- the light ring will cycle through a rainbow of colors indicating that it is currently preheating.