WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Yo Dabba Quartz Banger Carb Caps – 10mm

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If you love dabbing at low temperatures so that you can get the most out of your concentrates, then you probably already own a quartz banger. But if you want to garnish your already-clean, powerful and delectable dabs with a cherry on top, then these 10mm Quartz Banger Carb Caps from Yo Dabba are the final flourish you’re looking for.

Convenient, ergonomic, affordable; Yo Dabba created these carb caps for daily use with quartz bangers. Made from quality FDA-grade quartz, these crystal caps help prevent concentrates from fusing to the surface of your nail while ensuring that none of your waxes or oils go to waste. Their 2mm thick walls suppress and control airflow like a boss, heat through evenly, and retain heat efficiently so your nail can sustain optimal dabbing temperatures. With one of these carb caps as your rig’s pièce de résistance, you’re set to enjoy perfect vape after perfect vape.

Standing just shy of 3 inches tall (7.5cm), these handy 10mm Quartz Banger Carb Caps from Yo Dabba, despite their size, are durable. They even double up as a dab tool and come in a dabber choice of either Straight or Side Car.

It really is no secret that Yo Dabba keep taking carb caps to higher levels; so let their 10mm Quartz Banger Carb Caps help you become the master of your rig. Order your new, indispensable dabbing accessory today and prepare to begin a real dabbing adventure.