ProVari P3

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- Flat top design provides a clean hybrid look with the latest tanks
- The new P3 thread is a unique top connection which allows you to adapt multiple tanks including 510, Ego and P3 threaded tanks
- Self-adjusting center contact pin ensures maximum compatibility with tanks and atomizers.
- Built-in sealed OLED display with scrolling icon-based graphics allows you to visually adjust your settings.
- Unique digital serial number.
- On/Off mode allows you to shut the unit off completely.
- 16 second safety cutoff turns off the unit if the button is held down for too long.
- Amperage limit of up to 6.5 amps will protect against over current situations.
- Battery mileage gauge tells you how much energy is available to the atomizer.
- Smart safety features provide the highest levels of safety available on any device in the world. If you press the button and can vape, it is safe.
- Thermal monitoring shuts the device off if it detects a high temperature condition.
- OLED brightness adjustment lets you vary the display intensity.
- Exclusive reliable and safe electronic switch is designed for long life.
- Reverse battery protection keeps the circuit safe if the battery is accidentally installed backwards.
- The P3 is compatible with flat top batteries.
- The P3 has the capability to have its internal firmware upgraded.

Made in the USA