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Blackberry: a little sweet, a little tart, fresh blackberry with a slight pastry finish

Blood Orange Lemonade: tart, mouth puckering blood orange lemonade

Blue Razz Lemonade: a tarty and sweet blue raspberry lemonade in a very refreshing vape

Cannoli: rich vanilla creme wrapped in a light and airy pastry

Cotton Candy: a sweet, sugary, delicious treat of carnivals

Fruit Menthol: blend of strawberry, watermelon, blueberry, raspberry, and menthol

Grappleberry: a blend of tart granny smith green apple and strawberry

Grapplemelon: a delectable blend of tart granny smith green apple and a mouth watering watermelon

Grapplemelon Ice: crisp green apples and sweet watermelon infused with a cooling menthol

Menthol Ice: pure ice cold menthol

Mint: refreshing and cool mint flavor

Mint Chocolate Marshmallow: creamy marshmallow finished off with a mint chocolate exhale

Munchies: a fruity cereal mix

Oops: this mystery flavor will keep you guessing every time you vape

Orange Mango Guava: a tropical citrus blend of orange, mango and guava

Orange Mango Guava Ice: a tropical blend of orange, mango and guava topped off with an icy kick

Peanut Butter Cookie: a sugary cookie smothered in peanut butter

Peppermint Patty: a delicious peppermint and light chocolate blend

Punch: a refreshing fruit punch flavor

Razzlemelon: watermelon with a smooth raspberry finish 

RY4: a little honey, caramel, and chocolate drizzle with your tobacco vape

Strawberry: a fresh and sweet strawberry flavor

Strawberry Custard: decadent vanilla custard with the perfect amount of strawberry jam

Strawberry Funnel Cake: a funnel cake topped with strawberries

Strawberry Lemonade: tarty strawberry lemonade

Strawmelon Taffy: a candy-coated strawberry and watermelon blend

Tobacco: a bold tobacco flavor

Vanilla Custard: creamy custard blended with sweet vanilla

Watermelon: a refreshing ripe watermelon flavor

Mixed Berries: a fantastic blend of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry flavors all in one

WARNING: These are high strength nicotine salt infused e-liquids formulated for use in compact pod systems and other low wattage "mouth-to-lung" devices. Not recommend for use in RDA's, sub-ohm tanks , or any high powered platform. WHAT ARE NIC SALTS? FIND OUT MORE HERE!

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