The Milkman E-Liquid


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Milkman Salt Sample Pack includes 5 x 10ml Milkman Nicotine Salt flavors for you to try! If you thought that was a great deal just wait... this amazing sample pack also comes with a FREE Suorin Air Starter Kit! Everything you need to enjoy the experience of The Milkman Salt Series! New to salts? This kit is for you! 



Included Flavors:

Strudels gone wild! The Milkman E Liquid evolves and brings us The Milkman Salt by The Milkman Salt E Liquid. The same great flavor experience you've come to know and love but with a higher salt nicotine concentration. Now your fruity pastry can battle the luscious and decadent vanilla ice cream for domination. There are no losers in this equation beyond those who choose inferior liquids. Welcome to flavor town, do you have your ticket ready?

The deliciousness that only a churro can deliver when it is mixed with a fresh glass of milk is to be vaped and appreciated by this new salt based eliquid line by The Milkman E Liquid. Churrios Salt by The Milkman Salt E Liquid brings that same dessert experience to your pod mod with a higher level of nicotine but a smooth throat hit that allows you to focus on the unraveling flavors your taste buds are experiencing. Take your puff and savor the different flavors as they compete for your satisfaction. Churrios has been a hit with vapers the world over for its one of a kind experience that presents you true originality.

One part pudding, one part vanilla, one part lemon. All parts creamy deliciousness. Pudding Salt by The Milkman Salt E Liquid brings to life one of the greatest innovations in vaping. The perfect replication of a lemon and vanilla based pudding minus the need for spoons and calorie counting. The Milkman E Liquid released the original version of this product to such demand finding it was difficult and going through an entire bottle in a day as an easy feat. Now in salt nicotine formula you can enjoy this hero of vaping folklore in your favorite pod mod systems without much effort. Satisfy your need for creamy goodness in a fashion very few can ever achieve.

Raspberries embedded in the heart of a pie topped with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. If that doesn't scream tastiness, I don't know what would. Crumbleberry Salt by The Milkman E Liquid brings you the artistry of baking in an accessible and guilt-free form with a smooth throat hit that leaves the focus on the ever-evolving flavors to be experienced. Much like the original version by The Milkman E Liquid this salt nicotine based version leaves nothing at the door and brings the party straight to your senses. Are you ready to open that door?

Sweet Mint
What's smoother and cooler than sweet mint flavors? Nothing we have found. This sweet mint leaf experience is an impacting yet smooth vape. Sweet Mint Salt by The Milkman Salt E Liquid brings with it a totally innovative way of enjoying the refreshing nature of mint as only The Milkman E Liquid can deliver. Welcome to a new side of refreshment and don't worry there is enough flavor abound to keep your vape experience enjoyable for years to come.