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Silver Juul Basic Kit [LIMITED EDITION]

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Juul is the rebirth of the classic electronic cigarette. A highly advanced vaping starter kit that’s smaller than a pack of gum, Juul is the e-cigarette that makes smokers put down the analogs and makes experienced vapers leave their mods and tanks at home.

For new vapers, Juul is the ultimate in simplicity and power: just drawing on Juul activates the unit, providing full-bodied flavor and a nicotine level that’s comparable to analogs.

Experienced vapers have been snapping up the Juul for use as a backup or even a primary; it’s the perfect solution when you don’t want to be anchored to a mod and tank all day long. And if you don’t like all the attention a large mod and tank attracts; Juul is a perfect solution for stealth vaping. Juul isn’t just small, it’s tiny, with the JuulPod in place it measures just under 4 inches long and will fit into the very smallest pockets.

JuulPods are Flavor cartridges offer a variety of carefully designed, gourmet flavors. Each pod holds 0.7 mL of liquid and contains 5% nicotine by volume (about 50mg nic). Each pod will last up to 200 long, satisfying puffs.

Recharging the Juul is a snap: a magnetic USB dongle plugs into your computer or wall charger and holds the Juul at a right angle to save space.

Whether you’re a brand new vaper or a long time fogger, the Juul is this year’s must-try product. You’ll be floored by the flavor and performance possible from this micro device.

Note: The JUUL Basic Kit includes the Juul device and charger.


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