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InstaPod Disposable Vape 5% [1PC]

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***IMPORTANT*** LIMIT OF FIVE (5) OF EACH FLAVOR PER ORDER, ORDERS EXCEEDING THIS LIMIT WILL NOT BE FULFILLED. (You may order as many as you like, but no more than five per flavor type.) If you decide to ignore our posted limits we will cancel your order and decide never to fulfill any of your future orders. See how that works? Try us! 


Each disposable contains a nicotine strength of 5% (50mg) and a 280 mAh battery pre-installed. With 1.8mL of your favorite juice from the makers of Pod Juice, InstaPod is the perfect on-the-go disposable!

Important: There are absolutely no returns on e-liquids, coils, replacement pods, or disposable devices once they leave our establishment. These products are final sale items. Thank you.