Hi-Nic Nicotine Salt E-Liquid [CLEARANCE]

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Tobacco - A bold tobacco flavor with subtle notes of roasted nuts that will transform your pods into fountains of flavor. Every puff as rich as the last and each puff as missed as the last.

Apple - A smooth apple blend made with fresh Fuji apples and a sour apple twist. This mouthwatering mix comes ripe in every bottle and is an everyday option for those seeking a refreshing fruit flavor pod experience.

Cereal - Start your day off right with this full flavored cereal blend. An assortment of fruity flakes splashed with milk, this coveted breakfast mixture invigorates the wake and vape experience.

Mint - Bring the coolness of the arctic to your cigalike pods. Menthol that combines mint and vanilla to provide a cascading sweetness with a slight chilling cool sensation. Indulge yourself with every puff.

Tropical - Tropical pleasures await, a true lemonade experience pairing a mixture of island fruit to create an escape within every puff you take. Shock your senses with a flavor combination that reminds you of vacations.

Dessert - Take your cake and vape it too. A true flavor combination pairing cake and creams with a vanilla frosting. Put the squeeze on your sweet tooth and show it who's boss - this pod juice is the right selection for all occasions.