WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Falcon Vaporizer Replacements [5PK]

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  • The Quartz Tri Coil (QTC) is made for giant clouds and hits, perfect for cloud chasers, which is hard to come by. It's outfitted with the brand’s most recent quartz coil technology that uses three quartz rods to help vaporize your select wax concentrates and other choice extracts.

    Engineered with a deeper chamber, the Falcon QTC offers more room for your favorite wax concentrates so you can dab more from what you’re used to even when you’re on-the-go. This makes the Falcon Quartz Triple Coil the ideal heating element for advanced consumers as it can keep up with their needs and the tolerance for the psychoactive compounds in your wax concentrates.

  • The Pancake Coil is here for all your dry herb needs, allowing for better heating and stronger vapor production, striving for the best possible experience.

    The Falcon Pancake Coil also features a deep herb chamber so you can load a large amount of botanicals for a much more significant result when consuming your favorite dry herb strains. The combination of the deep chamber and the pancake-style heating element not only ensures that your materials are evenly heated but also that none of them are wasted. Because you’re receiving the right amount of heat in the right spots, there will be fewer instances of hot spots. You won’t have to separate the burnt herbs from the fresh ones because they will all be uniformly heated, vaporized, with the active ingredients from the herbs properly extracted from its plant matter.

  • The touch-style coil of the XTAL Tip lets you start vaping almost immediately from your concentrate jar, which means you can enjoy larger amounts of concentrates free from the restriction of a small chamber. It also eliminates the need for extra tools and messy loading.

    The Falcon XTAL Tip lets you dab to your heart’s content and enjoy the benefits your wax concentrates. It also makes dabbing a more convenient and economical means of vaping. When you transfer or load your wax concentrates using a dab tool, some of the wax concentrates are left over on the dab tool. Unless heated, the wax concentrates you leave on the dab tool is wasted. When you dab straight from the jar, you’re leaving no room for waste saving more material for actual use.

    Sold in 5 packs.