Coil Master

Ceramic Sticks Coil Building Kit

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Coil Master has garnered a reputation of containing all the tools needed by rebuildable vapers to achieve the best builds of all time. Coil Master's Ceramic sticks provide dry fire support while building coils and maintain a safer building atmosphere regardless of coil diameter. Included in this ceramic stick kit is 20, 25, 30 and 35mm diameter sticks accommodating most conventional coil sizes in the industry today. Build a better coil every time and buy the Coil Master Ceramic Coiling Sitck Set today!
  • Includes 1 x Set Coil Master Ceramic Coiling Sticks
  • Designed to Enhance Dry Fire Coil Adjustments
  • Ceramic Construction
  • Silicone Grip
  • Stick Sizes:
    • 2.0MM
    • 2.5MM
    • 3.0MM
    • 4.0MM
    • 4.5MM