WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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ALL CUSTOMERS VISITING THE ZFO RETAIL STORE MUST WEAR A MASK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! No mask? Curbside pick-up is still available! Order online at THEZFO.COM and then call us at 585-444-6198 once you’ve arrived with your name and order number! REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE AND HAVE OUR ID READY, WE'LL BRING YOUR ORDER OUT TO YOU!

All inventory found here online reflects actual inventory available today in-store, we will not quote pricing or inventory over the phone. Thank you!

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EMAIL: zenfactoryoutlet@gmail.com
INSTAGRAM: @thezfo
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/thezfo
TOLL FREE: (855) THEZFO5 or (855) 843-9365
Extension #1: Retail Vape Shop in Spencerport NY
Extension #2: Online Sales
Extension #3: Owner (
Sales call from a manufacturer or distributor trying to sell us something? Karen wanting to talk to a manager? This is the extension. ANY sales call made to other extensions will be ignored or told to hang up and call back for extension three.

***BEFORE YOU CALL*** Sorry, we will not quote pricing to you over the phone. We can't check your ID over the phone which means we can't give you information about age restricted product(s), but our site here handles that for us! Create an account, verify your ID, and our entire inventory can be viewed online! All inventory you see on our site reflects what is actually sitting on our shelves, live! If you see it here, it's in stock. If it's out of stock online, we don't have it. Pretty simple. No, we can't hold something for you. Buy it and select local pick-up. Calling about pending orders or shipping issues? Click here for our Shipping & Order Processing FAQ first, it may contain the information you seek! We receive a very high volume of calls, please have your order number ready! If we are unable to assist you at the time of your call and you're directed to a mailbox please leave a detailed message including your name, order number if applicable, telephone number, and the reason for your call. Thank you!


DIRECTIONS: Enter plaza parking lot. You'll pass a McDonalds on your left and see a URMC Urgent Care facility in front of you. Hang a left in the parking lot and swing behind the back of the plaza. We're directly behind the URMC Urgent Care and Bad Apples Bistro, next door to Atlas Fitness and directly in front of the House of Hybrids manufacturing facility!

***BEFORE YOU VISIT*** We are an adult themed establishment, there is absolutely NO admittance for ANYONE under the age of 21 and ID is required EVERY visit for EVERY transaction! We do not care if you're already in our system. We do not care if the minor you brought with you is your child. We do not care if your underage "friend" isn't buying anything. If they're in our store or visibly waiting for you (even outside) we're not going to allow you to make a purchase unless everyone can provide us with ID that scans. If you or someone in your party does not have ID with them unfortunately we will be unable to serve you for a period of 24 hours. If you give us ANY reason to believe you're purchasing product for somebody else not with you who cannot provide us with ID you will be refused service for a period of 24 hours. This means NO ordering from a list on your phone, NO calling a friend to ask what they want while we're serving you, NO telling us you're purchasing product(s) for someone not with you (yes, even a spouse). or any of the other silly things that people do that will prevent us from serving them. These are age restricted products, please conduct yourselves accordingly if you wish to receive service. If we have to explain any of this to you more than once or you give our staff "grief" over this policy you will be instructed not to return to our establishment and added to the "banned" list in our system. This means whenever your ID is scanned in the future it will issue a warning to whichever cashier may be on duty immediately instructing them not to sell you anything. Nobody wants that, so it's quite simple... Bring ID each and every time and leave minors\kids at home! They do not belong anywhere near our store. If this policy troubles you, please shop elsewhere. We break the law for no one, there will be no exceptions made. Thank you!