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Bold Tobacco
Bold Virginia Tobacco with a hint of Vanilla and Graham Cracker. The perfect tobacco vape for the ex smoker

Deadliest Sin
If you love Deadly Sin, this is for you! Deadly Sin is the worlds best selling liquid for electronic cigarettes, Deadliest Sin is the same great flavor of Cinnamon Buns and Krispy Treats but now with added sweet cream. It's smoother, it's creamier, it's amazing. It stays true to the original flavor but tastes so much more complex.

Highest Five
Highest Five is simply amazing. We took the original High Five flavor, which is an Oak Barrel Tobacco mixed with Bourbon and Vanilla, and took it up a notch by adding a smooth Butterscotch/Caramel to the mix. It's absolutely delicious, and perfect for any tobacco lover.

Ice Ice Baby
This is a refreshing, cold shot of Wintergreen! As a matter of fact, this vape gives you that fresh feeling of brushing your teeth or popping a mint in your mouth. Sweet, cold and delicious!

Melon Boba
The best medley of melons infused with a hint of cream as well as a refreshing hint of mint. A blast of relaxing and sweet flavors balanced to perfection.

Nana's Mint
A fresh creamy banana mixed with a delicious cool mint!

9 2 5
Is it coffee? Is it chocolate? Wait, no it's Tiramisu, well now it's changing again, oh wow, now it's espresso, wait... Yeah, even we are amazed at how it changes as you vape. The more you vape, the more flavors come through!

Pink Pulldown
Goodlife took a little Raspberry, a little Pomegranate and then added a couple of secret ingredients to give you an amazing vape. If you want to know what it tastes like, it tastes pink!

Samba Sun
Fresh picked Mandarin oranges mixed with the sweetest Georgia peaches and succulent apricots with a smooth creamy marshmallow finish!

Toucan Tango
Fruit Circle cereal with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream instead of Milk. The perfect balance of Fruit and Cream!

WARNING: These are high strength nicotine salt infused e-liquids formulated for use in compact pod systems and other low wattage "mouth-to-lung" devices. Not recommend for use in RDA's, sub-ohm tanks , or any high powered platform. WHAT ARE NIC SALTS? FIND OUT MORE HERE!

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