Vice 5% Disposable Electronic Cigarette [1PC]

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For over a decade, Halo has remained at the absolute zenith of the vaping industry. Among the very first to create premium-quality e-juices, their reputation for excellence is truly unsurpassed. They have recently introduced an incredible new disposable electronic cigarette to the market, filled with their celebrated e-juice. Introducing the Halo Vice Disposable Electronic Cigarette.

The Vice by Halo is an exceptionally easy-to-use device that is loaded with Halo’s high-quality and delicious e-juices. Measuring at only 76mm x 9mm x 10mm, this gem is exceedingly small, light, and easy-to-carry. Moreover, the Vice delivers a surprisingly satisfying hit, coupled with the gratifying throat hit you crave.

The Vice is available in four distinctive flavors, including Tribeca, SubZero, Vanilla Custard, and Mango Mint. Each unit is equipped with a 230 mAh built-in battery, as well as a 1.8 ohm atomizer coil. The Vice is pre-set for optimal performance, so there are absolutely no settings for you to fiddle around with. Simply draw on the device, and it will deliver a remarkable hit each and every time. Once the device stops working, simply throw it away, and open up a new one—simple!

If you are looking for a smooth and satisfying vaping experience in a straightforward and easy-to-use package, it doesn’t get much better than the Vice Disposable by Halo! 

Halo SubZero Vice Disposable:
Halo’s flagship strong menthol blend is among the most popular in the market. Every hit of SubZero rushes the tongue with a crisp, invigorating, and extreme menthol kick that is sure to satisfy.

 Halo Tribeca Vice Disposable:
Tribeca remains among the most popular tobacco blends in the world. One hit of this gem and you will instantly understand why it is so popular. Tribeca delivers an authentic tobacco flavor with subtle sweet notes to round off the exhale immaculately.

Halo Mango Mint Vice Disposable:
A tropical vacation with every draw, Mango Mint is an exceptionally delightful vape that you are certain to enjoy. This gem affords the sweet taste of juicy mangoes, coupled with undertones of mint for a refreshing finish.

Halo Vanilla Custard Vice Disposable:
Satisfy your sweet tooth with the exquisite taste of Vanilla Custard. This jewel rushes the taste buds with the delectable taste of smooth and creamy vanilla custard, making it an absolute joy to vape.

Important: There are absolutely no returns on e-liquids, coils, replacement pods, or disposable devices once opened. These items are final sale items. Thank you.