Juno Ultra Portable Kit

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Twelve's Juno Ultra Portable Kit is a new all in one system intended to go head to head with newly emerging 
compact systems, presenting a draw activated firing system with a 380 mAh rechargeable battery and three included prefilled 36 milligram strength 1.6ml Juno Pods.

Featuring a sleek black chassis that balances a streamlined design with high visibility in regards to viewing the pod reservoir, the Twelve Juno measures 109mm by 18.5mm by 10mm fully assembled. Integrating a convenient plug and play pod system, the Twelve Juno features a proprietary dual 24K Gold Plated pin connection between the battery and the pod.

Each Juno Pod features a 1.6ml prefilled capacity, and is mated to the voltage based output excellently with a rated atomizer resistance range of 1.3 to 1.5 ohms. The e-liquid within each pod measures 36 milligrams in nicotine, providing a stronger experience as compared to the competition.

Battery life also features a slightly extended range as compared to similarly sized competition, measuring in at a maximum rated capacity of 380 mAh with a 800 mAh maximum charge rate. LED light indication provides instant feedback as to the state of the battery life.

Providing a package that includes three, extra strength prefilled pods perfect for users that require a higher level of nicotine, Twelve's Juno Ultra Portable Kit positions itself as ultra small form factor system with extra punch.


  • Product Features:
    • All In One System
      • Draw Activated Firing
    • Prefilled Juno Pod System
      • 1.6ml Capacity
      • 36mg Nicotine Strength
        • Includes Three Per Kit
      • 1.3 to 1.5 ohm Resistance
    • Plug and Play Atomizer
      • Gold Plated Connections
        • Proprietary Connection
    • Voltage Based Output
    • 380 mAh Built In Battery
      • LED Light Indicator
      • USB Charge Port
        • 800 mAh Maximum Charging Rate
    • Atomizer/Short Circuit/Low Voltage Protection

    Product Specifications:
    • 109mm by 18.5mm by 10mm
      • Fully Assembled

    Product Includes:
    • One Twelve Juno Ultra Portable System
    • Three Prefilled 36mg Prefilled Pods
    • One USB Charging Cable
    • User Manual