Envii Fitt Refill Pods [CLEARANCE]

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Each package contains TWO pre-filled 18mg strength 3.2ml cartridges.


Cannoli Be One by Cassadaga- Connor MacLeod raised his Cannoli shell to the sky. Lightning rained down, striking the Cannoli shell, imbuing it with the power of vanilla and sweet, multi-layered cream filling. Connor, seeing the resulting masterpiece, roared to the heavens, exclaiming, “There Cannoli Be One!”

D'Nish by D'Nish Liquids- The cherry you’ve been waiting for!  D’nish is a decadent cherry pastry with a sweet glaze:  Sweet cherry on the inhale, with a rich, flakey pastry exhale that gets creamier at higher wattage settings.

Game Over by Flawless- Game Over by Flawless E-Juice is the utterly delicious combination of fruity cereal circles with a bright and delectable vanilla bean ice cream. Done with cereal and milk? Up your game with cereal and ice cream.

The Milk by Teleos- The second juice in the Breakfast at Teleos ejuice line, The Milk pays homage to one of our favorite drinks, fruity cereal milk from Momofuku Milk Bar in Brooklyn.  For those that don’t know, it’s a drink made by steeping a popular fruity cereal in whole milk with a few other key ingredients.



EZ DUZ IT ON ICE by Ruthless- Ruthless Ez Duz on Ice is a Tropical fusion of ultra-sweet strawberries and light refreshing watermelon with a refreshing Menthol twist. Ez Duz it on Ice by Ruthless Vapor is a MAX VG e-liquid the flavor is surprisingly strong and consistent. Steeped to patient perfection this flavor is super smooth and gives no throat-hit.

Frozen Tundra by E-LiqCube- Inhale the sub-zero, frosty taste of the far north and imagine the caribou thundering over the permafrost!

WTF Ice by OMG- OMG's new e-liquid WTF Ice, a sweet taste like the original strawberry sourbelt! Combined with a sweet strawberry inhale and a chill exhale of menthol, this e-juice brings all the chill in the coolest way!



Kiberry Yogurt by Kilo- As its name suggests, Kiberry Yogurt is creamy yogurt flavor infused with a mix of kiwi and fresh strawberries. This great all-day e-juice delivers a luscious candied fruit blend on the inhale with a yogurt aftertaste, offering a stunning sweet tartness along with the creamy flavors for which Kilo are renowned.

Krankberry by Fuzion Vapor- Remember those blue raspberry candies? Well, I do and still love snagging them from my kids Halloween baskets. This raspberry blend, with a hint of cranberry is sure to take you back to the days of corner drugstore candy. In fuZion tradition; there’s another level of complexity here that will keep you guessing.

WTF by OMG- E-Liquid quickly gained notoriety as being the original strawberry sourbelt flavor in the industry, with a smooth inhale of sweet strawberry and just the slightest amount of sour on the exhale to keep you needing more.



Original Blend #2 by Brewell Vapory- is a classic, tobacco flavored E Liquid from Brewell's new Tobacco Series line. Original Blend is a smooth, natural tobacco flavored E Liquid filled with rich and robust, natural tobacco notes. The Original Blend delivers an authentic tobacco taste that is not too harsh like many tobacco flavors can be.

VCT by Ripe Vapes- VCT (vanilla/custard/tobacco) This sophisticated joose is sure to leave you desiring more. Sweet and sexy vanilla custard up front, with a rich finish tasting of fine tobacco and a hint of toasted almond. Aimed to please the novice, or the distinguished smoker.

Pistachio RY4 by Charlie Noble- Bright pistachio, layered with a delicious blend of vanilla, caramel, and light tobacco. The flavors play off one another to create a smooth, sophisticated vape.